Thursday, November 28, 2013

Four Months Old

 Stop stop stop it. 

This girl is too stinking cute and I will not stand for this whole growing up thing.  Natalie will be two next month and I want to keep this little baby little forever so she can't grow up and try to leave me some day.  Natalie isn't allowed either, by the way. 

I seriously can't get over how adorable she is.  She's such a chubby cheeked little sweetheart and she makes me incredibly happy.  

She chews on her hands/fingers all day long lately and it is hilarious.  I keep checking for teeth, but nothing yet thank goodness.  

She CAN roll from her tummy to her back but I haven't seen her do it for over 3 weeks now.  She refuses.  It's kind of ridiculous.  She's getting so so so close to rolling from her back to her tummy now though!  I really thought she was going to do it today.  There were multiple times where I'd sit and hold my breath waiting for her to make it all the way over, but then she'd flop back onto her back.  She's going to get it soon.  Within a week I'm betting.  Hopefully her five month update will have her rolling both ways :) I can't believe she's refusing to roll onto her back now.  What a little bum.

 Look at that little goofy smile.  She randomly opens her mouth all the time into a big grin and It melts my heart.  She also opens her mouth every time I bring her close to my face and it cracks me up.  Seriously, if you see me pulling her up to my face repeatedly, I'm just entertaining myself with her cuteness.  It's the best.

I'm pretty convinced she isn't going to be quite as quick with all of her milestones as Natalie was, which is totally fine with me, it's just a prediction.  She's a little too laid back and content to just be held or lay on her back and chew on her hands.  It was so funny looking through Natalie's 4 month pictures though with her sitting on this chair... She was leaned forward on her hands like she was about to crawl away, and Claire has never done anything even close to that.  I love seeing their differences and similarities.  It really entertains me way more than it should.

I really can't wait until she can sit up.  It will be so much more fun for everyone when she starts to really play with toys and things.

She plays with the toys on her play gym a lot and sometimes she'll lay there kicking her legs like crazy and batting at whatever toys are hanging in front of her and it is pretty hilarious.  She gets going pretty fast sometimes, it kills me.

I seriously just love her.  She's such a great sleeper still.  She sleeps from 8-6 every night.  I am kind of hoping she'll start sleeping a little bit later in the morning, but I'm always up when she wakes up so it does not bother me at all.  Some days she does sleep later.  7 is the latest she's slept since she has stopped waking up in the middle of the night and those days are so awesome.  

Her little fingers are her favorite things in the world I'm pretty convinced.  They are in that mouth nonstop.  I don't know why I find it so adorable, but I really really do.  

 Every once in a while I can see little bits of Natalie in her, but for the most part I still feel like they look nothing alike.  The above picture reminds me a bit of Natalie though...

Here is their 4 month comparison:
I think these pictures are somewhat similar.  They have completely different eyes, nose and mouth... and head shape... :) But I can still see something there that makes them look a teensy bit alike.  No clue what it is though.

I love them both so much, it's unreal.  I am pretty sure we're just going to have infinite babies so I always have a little buddy with me :) Michael said that the other day as well when I was going through their diaper bag and reorganizing it.  He just said it because he thinks it's so fun to have tiny little clothes around, which it is, but I thought that was pretty funny of him to say.  We'll see what happens.  We might be done, we might have like 6 more... Probably not 6, but maybe one :) Some day.  If we're that fortunate.

Anyways.  Claire is amazing and I'm obsessed with my children.  Even on Natalie's crazy days I feel like we are way too lucky to have the kids that we have.  They are incredibly awesome.

Happy Thanksgiving, indeed! SO SO SO much to be thankful for. We are extremely blessed in this little life of ours and I'm grateful for it 365 days a year.