Sunday, July 21, 2013

Craft Room

This post is pretty self explanatory so I'll take it easy with the words...

Basically I'm just posting pictures of my new little craft room because I haven't done it yet, and I just want to get them up here and done with.

The whole upstairs was pretty neglected up until we started getting Natalie's room ready up there.  I'm so much happier with the way everything looks now.

Here is what the room looked like before:

(That cushion is now in Natalie's window nook)

This desk has been in my family for quite a while.  My mom told me that my grandpa originally bought it for 25 cents... and it was always in my house growing up, so I'm glad I have it now.  I did originally think I'd end up painting it, but I'm pretty happy I left it alone. 

Some day I'll have a cuter chair to sit on, but for now I'm still using this awesome black folding chair.

Our engagement picture collage kind of makes me laugh.  I go back and forth between leaving it there or replacing it with a more recent picture... Obviously so far leaving it there is winning out, but with the upcoming arrival of this little baby it might get replaced.  We'll see.  We're going to have way too many cute pictures to display.

And can someone convince Michael to get rid of that dresser please?  We don't need it... and it's full of clothes he hasn't touched since we moved into this house.  Driving. Me. Nuts.

(You hear me, Michael?)

This chair is one I got at Goodwill and never fully finished.  

Here is what it looked like before:

I started to paint the fabric with fabric paint, but I never got it done. I was just doing the fabric that is actually attached to the chair, not the cushions or anything... so it really shouldn't even take me that long to finish.  Some day it will happen... Maybe.  Also, about two weeks after I got the cushions covered, I already didn't like that fabric anymore.  Awesome. 

So anyways, it is not terribly exciting, but I really like room now!  It's an improvement for this room for sure, and also just a big improvement for my craft area in general.  

Having this room done and Natalie's room done up there makes the whole upstairs just seem like part of the house finally.  Even when our bedroom was up there it never felt finished.  So, I'm happy!