Friday, June 21, 2013

Maternity Pictures

I did not do maternity pictures with Natalie and I am not a fan of getting my picture taken, but I am so happy we had some done this time!  

Sarah Sunstrom took them and I love them.  She took Natalie's newborn pictures, and will be taking Baby #2's newborn pictures as well.  I can't wait to see how those turn out!

Here are a few of my favorites:

I love that we got a couple of great family pictures while it's still just the three of us.  That is going to change very soon, and it's going to be NUTS.

Just a little over 6 weeks left.

Holy crap.

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Natalie's Finished Big Girl Room

We officially have a big girl on our hands!!  Well, kind of.  She is super little and tiny, but her big girl room is finished and that makes her one in my opinion!

I am super excited to have her room done.  She got to see it the other night for the first time since it has been put together and she had a lot of fun just checking everything out.

I was going to wait a couple more days to post this, but I'm too impatient apparently.

Here's a little tour of her new room!

She's sleeping in here for the first time today.  Wish us luck.

I made the curtains out of this fabric, and I used it to cover some old roman shades we had laying around.  They work really well on these windows because they block out so much light.  Plus she has a window air conditioner in her room, so we can just pull the shade up enough to let that get the cold air into the room and still have all of the window hidden.

That house (Melissa and Doug, a hand me down from her cousins... thanks Kristin!) ended up being awesome at hiding the ugly air conditioner cord :)  

The poster is from here as a free download.  I had it printed at Staples when they were having a 40% off prints sale, so it ended up being a really good deal.

The little chairs are some Michael's parents had sitting in their garage, and the table is kind of a bummer for me... I'm not crazy about it, but I was getting desperate to find one.  It's from here, but I spray painted the top of it a slightly different pink color than the original color.  I kind of wish I had painted it a different color all together and also painted the legs, but I'll live. 

The print above her table is from here as another free download, and the frame is from Salvation Army I bought and painted.  I laminated that picture so that I wouldn't need any glass in the frame, but the picture is still protected from little sticky fingers.  I can see her pulling on it and knocking it off the wall... so I figured no glass might be a good idea.


Doll bed from IKEA.  I made the bedding out of random fabrics.  The little doll pillow matches her sheets :)

I got this frame at Goodwill and painted the green areas.  The gold was there and I liked it so I left that alone, and I just bought this pre-cut piece of aluminum at Menards for about $5.

I made the little square face canvas magnets:

The letter magnets are these.

The cups are from Target that I glued magnets onto.

The little stool is also from Goodwill.

The hanging baskets are from IKEA and the one on the left is filled with magnets, the one on the right has wooden cars from Target dollar bins for her felt table/play area.

Rug from Urban Outfitters that was on sale when I bought it, luckily. I'm cheap.

Her IKEA topped felt board/play area from this post.

The only thing I'm still looking for for her room are some bins to go in here.  I just can't make up my mind and I keep waiting for a good deal.  I'll just have to give in soon and get something because I want to get some more of her toys out of the living room/her old room and up here.

I got the little stickers on that small door from Joann Fabrics in their dollar bin.  I thought they were respositionable, buuuuuuut... nope.  They totally peeled the paint off of the door when I decided I didn't like them there afterall.  So they're staying. But she does like them so I guess I'll live with them there :)

I made the flash cards.  I just printed off the numbers onto paper, cut to size, then glued paint chip circles I cut out onto them and laminated.  Nothing too exciting, but I wanted something hanging there and these work!  Plus she loves numbers. 

I got this book rack at Hobby Lobby on clearance.  It was hot pink when I got it and I spray painted it gold.  I like it so much better.  And so far it's filled with my old books from when I was a kid :) She is really good about not ripping books, so she has a lot of real books out now. They are so much more fun than just board books, but we still have lots and lots of those.  More books will get brought up here gradually too.

I made the curtains, the cushions and two of the four pillow cases. 

The pillow case on the left is made out of an Urban Outfitters laundry bag I got for Christmas and wasn't using.  The next pillow is from Target.  The next one is one I made out of an old pillow case we had, and the last one is the one that came with her $6 Target bedding set that I got. 

A view of the room from her cushion.  Possibly my favorite view of the room... I think it is hers too.  She loves to sit on this cushion with her books.  It's pretty darn cute.

I made this afghan and got the comforter set from Target for $6.  See it again here.  The sheets are also from Target.  The bed is IKEA and I upholstered the headboard.

The print is by Katie Daisy and got it on Etsy, the frame was another Goodwill fine.

The vinyl circles are also from Etsy, but I used a smaller circle punch to make the small circles.  I wanted it to look like it was all coming out from behind the bed and scattering away, but I'm not sure how successful I was.  Either way she likes to look at her circles and that's what I was hoping for.

The bunny pillow is from here and was on clearance but is now sold out... It was an amazing find because she loves loves loves bunnies and I wanted a cute pillow for her bed.  I love it.

I got the buffet at Goodwill and did some work on it.  I am seriously in love with it.  I very strongly considered keeping it for downstairs and putting something else in her room, but decided against it :) I really love it though. 

The basket in the corner is from Target.  I always liked it and I found it on clearance one day so I snatched it.  It was the only one left, but I kind of wanted more to go in her IKEA shelf so I checked another Target and had no luck.  So for now I'm settling with one.  They still have them online though (but only in a set of 3), so we'll see.  I'm still holding out for something I like better.  Plus they don't fit the shelf super well, but do I like them...

(Ignore the furniture sliders under the buffet legs.. and the fact that the rug is leaning up against it because I couldn't get it under there... and that random little orange square...)

The lamp is from Target (not finding a link, but it's in the store!), as well as the bright picture frame.  Yes it's empty... I'm working on that :)  

The owl bank is from Urban Outfitters, but we got it quite a while ago... before she was born I think.  

I made the bean bag bookends and all of the pom poms stuck in random vases.

The doilies are from here.

Goodwill frames on the closet doors that I spray painted.

So there you go!

Basically I'm in love with it.  I had my doubts throughout the process, but I love how it turned out.  I love it even more that she seems to really like it.  

She's such a little tiny girl for such a big room :)  She has the biggest bedroom in the house by far thanks to the nook.  

Lucky kid :)

I freaking love her.  A lot.  Watching her run around and check everything out was so much fun for me.  It kinda made me want to cry, but maybe that's just the pregnancy hormones working their magic.  But it was absolutely adorable, so who knows.  She's just so stinking cute and smart.  I loved listening to her talk about everything she was finding.  Ugh.  Precious.

I hope she has lots and lots of fun in here!!


Wednesday, June 12, 2013

IKEA Expedit Topped Felt Board/Outdoors Scene

I'm just a little excited about this project.  I really really like how it turned out.  A lot.

 I wanted Natalie to have a felt board in her room, but I wasn't really sure what pieces I would make that would be cute and the more I thought about it the less fun it sounded.

Then I thought of this idea.

I just bought a yard of green felt (and used less than half of it...).  I glued that to a rug pad and then used sticky tabs to stick the rug pad to the expedit so that she won't pull it off.  It is stuck on there pretty well now so I feel good about it.  

 The clouds are from Urban Outfitters.  I actually had them stuck on the wall in Natalie's current room for about a week or two until I came up with this plan.  They are MUCH cuter here.  I love it.

I made all of the bushes, flowers, mushrooms and rocks out of felt.  It didn't actually take as long as you'd think, either.  I cut them while Natalie ate... which takes forever... so maybe that's why it seemed to go pretty quickly. 

 This little house and all of the animals in these pictures are Calico Critters.  We had some growing up that Kristin has ahold of for her girls... and is giving them to someone other than me... So rude.  Kidding, Kristin (totally not kidding, but I'll live).  SOOO, I checked ebay and Etsy and got some good deals to get all of this stuff.  I love love love it all and I think Natalie is going to be obsessed with the animals.  She hasn't seen any of this yet and I can't wait to see what she thinks!

This is the little paper mache house I decorated.  I love it here.  I'm so glad I didn't buy more like I planned!  There would be no extra room.

The whole scene.

I love love love it.

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Natalie's Big Sister Gift

How do you even go about making a ''big sister'' present for an 18 month old?  Well, technically she isn't even 18 months yet and she'll be over 19 months when the baby is born, but you get the idea.

I thought about it for a while and just went for a few random things that I know she'll like, but aren't necessarily related to becoming a big sister.  But that's just fine with me... If she were a couple of years older I would've tried harder to have a REAL big sister gift.

 I bought this Skip Hop backpack on Amazon... They have so many different animals and it was hard to choose, but she loooves cats so that's what I chose in the end.  Plus this one was on sale so that never hurts.  She has one backpack she got as a hand me down from her cousins and she likes to stuff it full of toys, so she will definitely like this.  And the fact that it's a cat will probably blow her little mind.

There is also a little Boots the monkey from Dora stuffed in the side pocket.  She'll love him.

Here's what is inside:

I knew I wanted to get her a new baby doll... This one has a place on the hospital bracelet to write the baby's name.  I looked at a ton of different baby dolls and this one seemed to get the best reviews, and she is pretty darn cute.  I wanted one that was completely soft so she can sleep with her if she wants.

"I'm a Big Sister" book.  This isn't really for kids Natalie's age, but I couldn't really find any that would've been any better.  This is the one I kept finding the best reviews for.  Someone write a book for toddlers who are becoming big siblings please... Maybe some exist and I just didn't look very hard, but this is the one I settled on.  

Random Dollar Tree books.  I freaking love the Dollar Tree.  These all came in packs of multiples so I couldn't resist...  I might not keep all of these in the backpack. I may or may not have a couple stashed away already that aren't pictured...

 Art pad.  I made this based off of looking at some I had seen online.  I just made it up as I went along and it took FOREVER, but now if I ever try to make one again I'm pretty sure I could have it done in well over half the time that this one took.

 I know she's a little young for this, but she loves crayons and I stuffed it full of stickers too... She'll have a ton of fun with it, and it's something to keep her entertained when she's visiting us at the hospital that she'll think is pretty cool.

The stickers are more Dollar Tree/dollar bin items.  Again, I have more of these stashed away already.

So that's her gift.  Nothing super exciting, but it's all stuff that I think she'll like.  

Hopefully she thinks her little sister is pretty cool too... Oh man, I hope she does...