Thursday, January 31, 2013

Baby Number Two

(Don't worry, I convinced myself for like 2 weeks that this was twins... I know that bottom blob is the yolk sac, but I was convinced it didn't look right.  I'm over that idea.)

Yep.  Another baby!!!! Yay! 

I am due August 8th, so Natalie and this little baby will be about 19.5 months apart if he/she is born on or right around the due date.

It was most definitely planned and we are very excited and ready for it, but every once in a while I still think "What are we doing?"... but then I remember how awesome babies are (and how awesome Natalie is) and I get really really really excited!!! We are anxious for August to just get here already, but we've got a long ways to go.  And a lot of things to get done before then!

I kept this news a secret from Michael for a few days until after I did the blood tests and REALLY confirmed that it was happening.  I didn't get to surprise him at all with Natalie because after two years of trying to have a baby I was just a tiny bit shocked and had to tell him immediately.  There were months of trying this time, too, but mostly because my body suuuuuuucks.  But that's an entirely different story.

So this time I had a plan.  Well, my plan changed a few times, but I came up with a plan in the end.

We had some plastic plates sitting around from Natalie's baptism a few months ago, so I wrote this on the back of the plate:

I let him pick what he wanted for dinner the night that I was going to tell him.  He chose chicken tater tot casserole because it is delicious and we are easy to please.  So, I made the casserole, some corn... and threw a lovely pale out of season orange on his plate (even though he doesn't eat fruit... don't get me started) making sure you couldn't see any of the writing. 

Fanciest dinner you've ever seen, right?

We ate dinner sitting in the living room because we're cool like that.  I sat on the couch watching him like a hawk as I tried to just eat my food and not look suspicious.

He took a few bites then started to look confused and scraped away some food because he had noticed writing on the plate.  It took him a second but he looked at me and said ''are you serious?''.  I kind of laughed and wiped away tears from trying not to laugh (my eyes water like a crazy person when laughing hard or trying REALLY hard not to laugh) and said yes.   

Hugs and ''holy crap'' 's followed.

I thought it was a decent surprise.  Nothing too crazy, but he was not expecting it!

Actually he had been telling me all week that he thought I was pregnant, but I don't think he actually believed it.  Just wishful thinking. 

So yay!

We have a lot to do before August. The biggest thing is that we are moving Natalie upstairs and keeping her room exactly as it is for the new baby.  We are both nervous about putting her up there by herself, but it's really our only option in this house. I'm positive it will be just fine, but it will take some getting used to. 

So yeah.  Baby #2.  I feel like I just had a baby...  I guess I kind of did, huh?

Dexter is going to HATE US... Let's hope he doesn't lose another pound when this kid comes home.  He turns anorexic when we have a baby.

You know the dorkiest thing ever that I can't stop thinking about because it sounds so exciting to me right now??? A couple of days/nights in the hospital where people bring me food and I get to hang around in bed and hold a teeny tiny baby... Let's hope it turns out to be as awesome as it is appealing at the moment.  I'm betting it will.

Exciting stuff!

I think this is where my giant To Do list begins.