Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Ten Months

10 Months Old!  Craziness!

The fact that in 2 months she is going to be having her first birthday is absolutely insane to me.  But, I can't wait to decorate for her party!!! :) Don't think I haven't been planning it for like 6 months already...

Let's get this out of the way and say that Month 9 could have been a lot more enjoyable for us all.  I tend to be a little (a lot) dramatic, so it wasn't as bad as I try to make it sound, but... 

1.) She has developed a bit of an attitude that I really want to say she didn't get from me, but we all know she did.
2.) She had a cold that lasted a week and a half that made us all miserable. That girl hates nasal aspirators with a passion, and had to have her nose sucked multiple times a day every day for about 9 days.  So much fun.
3.) And she was majorly constipated for about a week and I had to give her suppositories. Yeah. 

However, she is still SUPER happy most of the time, and just as adorable and goofy and hilarious as ever.  

But, she knows what she wants and what she doesn't want and she is not afraid to throw a hissy fit about it.  They are very short lived, but oh my goodness they are frustrating :)

She makes more ''talking'' noises now rather than just babble sounds and it's so cute.  There were a couple of times yesterday where it sounded like she was saying real words and I got a little glimpse of what her voice will sound like when she's talking :) It was adorable.

She will poke anything/everything that is within her reach.  And she'll just point at whatever she can't get her hands on.  That pointer finger is extended all. day. long.

Also, she is walking all over the place.

She started walking just after 9 months, and she's a freaking pro already.  She just walks everywhere.  Even if she falls down, she rarely chooses to crawl to where she was going, she gets back up and keeps going.  So cute.

She's been sleeping perfectly all month though, so yay for that too!  She sleeps about 11 hours, and it's amazing.

She loves books and will read the same one over and over and over.  She is starting to love baby dolls and is in LOVE with her teddy bear.  I swear I have never seen anything cuter than that girl with her bear.  

Still not a great eater, but we're getting there!  I can sneak one or two spoons of baby food in at a time, but she is starting to like a lot more finger foods.  Not many fruits and vegetables though, which is sad... Some day we will get her eating lots of food, I'm determined.

 She gets more and more fun every single day. 

 She really does make me laugh constantly.  She is so stinking goofy, it's ridiculous.

Can't wait to see what else she'll learn to do this month! 

Monday, October 15, 2012

Delicious Autumn

Delicious Autumn, indeed!

I am to the point where I'm 1,000% obsessed with everything about this time of year.  I am determined to make our house as Fall-ified as possible, I can't stop staring at the trees, I want to eat chili and other warm dishes for every single meal (chili for dinner tonight,yesssssssss), I want to wear warm comfy clothes and smell pumpkin spice scented everything wherever I go.

I am not kidding when I say I wish it could be October all year.  I'm not a fan of Summer.  Spring is my second favorite, but not even close to Fall. Winter I could do without, although I do love how pretty everything looks all frosted and snowed on.


I tried to decorate the house more this weekend, but didn't get super far. 

I hung a wreath.  Two banners.  And I made this printable.

It is nothing special by any means, but I'm seriously in love with this quote.  This is about the best I could come up with in a short amount of time (because that's all my attention span/Natalie will allow).

I always have my printables sent to Walmart's 1 hour photo, and the colors are usually pretty true to what they look like on screen.  It seems to depend on the day though for some reason.  Some that I've gotten have looked really good, and others the colors were way off.  So, we'll see I guess.  I'm trying to pick one to have sent there today, then I get to decide where to put it in the house.  

They are all 8x10's.  And they're all yours if you want 'em. Just right click to save.  

Happy Fall!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Activity Board

Natalie is the definition of busy these days.  And I'm pretty positive she started getting bored of all of her toys about 3 months ago.  I try to entertain her, but I'm not always great at finding things to do
 (and sometimes I just want to sit and let her play). So I attempted to make a busy board/activity board/discovery board/whatever you want to call it.

Everything we didn't already have came from the Dollar Tree or Walmart.

(Not all of this stuff is necessarily ''baby friendly'' but I definitely still plan to watch her with it.)

I'll go through and explain what is what/where it came from:

 1. This was a ''locker mirror'' that I found at Walmart in the dollar section.  The pom poms are also from Walmart that I bought in a big pack with pipe cleaners and googley eyes.  I just super glued them on.  Natalie loves loves loves mirrors.

2. Just a plastic hook from the Dollar Tree.  I figured I'd put a few hooks on here so we can move things around the board.

3. Soft blocks that I made and had sitting around with velco attached so she can take them off and put them back on.

4. Pill box from the Dollar Tree.  I like that she can pop the lids open and close them again.

5. Lock and chain from Walmart.  She already likes pulling the chain off and banging it against the board.  I wanted some noisy things on here, and it will be good practice for her to put the chain back on the lock one of these days.

6. Paper clip cup from the Dollar Tree and shoelace from Walmart.  It will be a good lacing toy eventually, but right now she just chews on the shoelace.  She'll be able to put little things in that cup too if she ever feels the need.

7. Sandals from Walmart.  They were on clearance for $1.00 and they have velcro straps.  Just kind of a fun/random thing to put on there and she can pull the strap off and stick it back on.  Good practice for next summer maybe?

8. Carabiner clips and measuring spoons from the Dollar Tree.  She likes to play with the spoons and bang them against the board.  She is also dead set on trying to get the clip off of the hook.

9. A small canvas that I had already wrapped in fabric with felt flowers I made.  It is on a hinge and it lifts up to show a square felt face with googley eyes, pom pom nose and pipe cleaner mouth.

10. Picture frame from Walmart.  Also on a hinge, to lift up and show some green glittery paper that has a really rough texture.  She likes to scratch it.  And she loves to stare at babies.  I put that picture in there because we already had it laminated so it doesn't matter if she gets it all slobbery.  Which she will :)

11. More carabiners from the Dollar Tree and two small soft blocks with bells in them that I made.

12. Big calculator from the Dollar Tree.  She loves remotes and loves to push buttons so I thought this would be fun.  Good for pointing out numbers to her!

13. These are some small board books that Kristin gave us that I put a small square of velcro on, so she can pull them off and put them back on.  

14. Another hook to move toys around.

15. Small wheel from Walmart.  She loves to spin things, and thinks it's hilarious when she can really get it going (there is also a small white rubber hook next to the wheel just to hook any random thing on).

16. Felt board.  This is a cork board that I got at the Dollar Tree a long time ago.  I just covered it in white felt.  I thought about making felt animals or something, but decided just to make some shapes so she can try to match them.  They are attached with ribbon so they don't get lost.  The small foam blocks attached to the left side are also from the Dollar Tree.  I've got a big bag of them, but just grabbed a few.  So far she just pokes at them, but that's about all she can do :)

17. Heart light from the Dollar Tree.  I actually do not have batteries in here yet, but it's still fun for her to push.  It makes kind of a springy noise and she seems to think that's good enough.  I will put batteries in as soon as we get some though.

18. Water bottle with pom poms.  Pom poms and the shoe lace are from Walmart. 

I think that's everything?

She is pretty entertained by it so far and I'm hoping it lasts, and that she doesn't get too sick of it too quickly.  It was really fun for me to put together though, so at least if she does get sick of it I got some enjoyment out of it too :)

 The face underneath the canvas.

 Glitter paper she likes to scratch.


 The carabiners are a definite favorite.

 She found the face.