Monday, December 17, 2012

Twelve Months


NATALIE IS ONE. One year old.  I have a child who is an entire year old.  Crazy crazy craziness.

I don't think we could love her more if we tried.  She's ridiculous, a huge goofball, the cutest kid alive, and she and her dad are definitely my BFFs. 

We had her party on Saturday, and although I ruined the cupcakes and her little cake (Did you know frosting can melt? It can. Somehow. Michael made 3 trips to the grocery store that morning for various errands and replacement cupcakes was one of them) I think it was a success.  She had fun, at least.  And she even ate a couple of small bites of her cupcake!  And by "bites" I mean I had to break off pieces and hand them to her because she's too fancy to take actual bites out of things... or something like that.

She didn't have any interest in helping me open presents, but she loved the toys once they were out!  She had all of her grandparents there, an aunt, uncle and cousins, and one of my cousins and her boyfriend.  It wasn't a huge party, but that's about as much as our house can handle :) I'm so glad they all came to celebrate with us.  Natalie had a great time being the center of attention!

She got some really cute stuff.  I like to think that the little piano we bought her is her favorite (she is playing with it right now... too cute), but I think she loves them all pretty equally.

She is saying a few more words now, which I'm obsessed with.  I love her little voice.  

Let's see... She says: No, sit, all done, night night, yes, up, uh-oh, hi, bye bye.  Um, what else... She tries to say Dexter.  It starts with a D sound, but that's about as close as she gets.  She says Dada a ton but I'm still not sure she's saying it for Michael so we can't decide if that counts.  She is constantly ''talking'' but those are the only real words I can think of that she's saying.  I think she's doing great though!

She's just too cute and too much fun.  

She's still teeny tiny, but that isn't going to change much :) I can't wait to see her percentages at her one year appointment.  I'm totally expecting about 5% for height and maybe 10% for weight.  She's short and hates food, so... yeah.  (Her mother, on the other hand, is short and will eat until she feels like she might die.)  I can't wait for her to like food some day... Hopefully soon.  

She loves loves loves babies.  Baby dolls, at least.  She hasn't seen many other baby babies in real life, but I can't wait for her to meet her new cousin Colin at Christmas!  It will be adorable to see what she thinks of him.


 I just love her.  I don't know how many other ways I can say it.  She's the best, and I am so insanely happy that she is ours.

I'm a little excited to be done taking these pictures, not gonna lie :) But I love seeing how much she's grown.

Happy First Birthday, Natalie Jolene!

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Crochet Trim Christmas Tree

I am still not great at crocheting, but I'm still working on it.  I didn't want to attempt a full Christmas tree, so I just crocheted a long line of a shell trim.  


I actually made two trims but haven't really done anything with the other one yet...

I had a cardboard tree that I was starting to paint gold, then stopped halfway through (obviously) when I decided I was just going to wrap this trim around it instead of painting it.

I just wrapped it around the tree and hot glued as I went.  Super easy.

It turned out decently cute I think.  Not as cute as I imagined it would be (nothing is), but cute enough :)

Anything Christmasy and I'm probably going to be ok with it, really. 

 Night time shot.  

Our house is so much better at night these days... Christmas lights are the best.

Here is what happened to the other trim:

This lasted about 5 hours, then it went away because it started to annoy me.  Now the lamps have little Christmas-y colored felted balls wrapped around them.  MUCH better. You'll see those later... whenever our house is clean enough to take pictures :)

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Stocking Stuffers For a One Year Old

I am 150% in the Christmas spirit already.  Our Christmas decorations came out on Monday... I know I know, before Thanksgiving... but I had to!

We put the tree up tonight after Natalie went to sleep... and I just can't help but being obsessed with this time of year.  Seriously, I'm in love with it.

Why do Christmas lights make everything so much better?? Just having our Christmas tree lights on while we sit in the living room is enough to make me have a permanent smile on my face.  Maybe we should leave it up all year??

I haven't been doing ornaments on our tree for the last couple of years, but I do put some berries and other decorations on (and a faux-fur Christmas tree skirt... oh yeah), and decided to use twist ties to hold them to the branches so Natalie couldn't pull them off.  We'll be working on keeping her away from the tree all together, but I'm hoping the twist ties keep everything on in case she does sneak over there when we aren't looking.  Wish us luck!

The stockings are hung and are in need of filling.  I'm stumped on Michaels, but here is a list for Natalie!

BabyLit Books: I stumbled upon these books and I could not be more in love with them. They have books on color, numbers and other cutenesses (it's a word now, be quiet), and I. Am. In. Love.  I'm seriously considering holding off on giving them to her because I'm so afraid of them getting ruined/slobbered on/chewed up/etc.  Great gift, huh? :) But seriously... SO FREAKING CUTE.  They are just adorable.  The illustrations couldn't be an cuter and I'm just drooling over them.  I can't get enough.  I want to buy some just for me, and I'm totally serious... I absolutely could not love them more.

Slippers: Because our house is freezing, and our hard wood floors are slippery for her quick little feet.  I don't think I need more of an explanation than that.

Toothbrush: A little boring, I know, but she loves to brush her teeth now! Ok, she loves to chew on the toothbrush, but still she's getting used to the idea that she brushes her teeth after bathtime and that's a habit I'd like to keep up!

Bathtub Crayons:  I've let her color before on paper that I taped to the living room floor and she was fairly interested.  I'd like to start letting her do more ''artsy'' stuff, and the bath tub seems like the best place to experiment :)

Pull Back Racing Bugs: Just seems like fun to me! She has start playing with cars more and has been actually rolling them around the floor so I think she'd get a kick out of these.  (Although her cousin's wind up hamster scared the living crap out of her, so we'll see what she thinks)

Munchkin Traveling Flash Cards: I am a flash card fa-reak.  Poor Natalie, right?  Well these are cute, and her curious little self will love them.  Especially the mirror on the cover because she's a tad bit vain.  But who can blame her with that adorable little face, right?  Or she thinks she's looking at her new best friend, it's hard to tell.   She loves to learn, and I'm pretty excited about that.  I don't know that that's any different than any other one year old, but I'm enjoying it!

Play-Doh:  I think she's got a bit of a sensory issue with all things mushy/gooey/whatever that isn't hard or crunchy.  So, I'd like to get her into playing with play-doh and hope that helps her... or I guess just wait it out until she's ready!  I'm hoping she outgrows this, because playing with Play-Doh is basically awesome.  And so are all non-dry foods... Crazy girl.

Well that's my list.  I'm sure there are tons more great ideas, but these the ones I picked for our adorable little goofball :)

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Eleven Months

Okay okay okay, this isn't funny anymore.  Eleven months is WAY too close to one year... which is just too old.  The last couple of months have officially flown by and I can hardly believe she's this old.

I'm finally at the ''they grow up too fast'' stage and I want to go back!

But I'm happy to report that the last month went a lot better than month 9 :) She's still got that attitude, but I'm either just used to it now or it hasn't been as bad.  But it was a good month!  She's been sleeping perfectly.  Good naps and sleeping about 11 hours every single night.  I love it.  

She is such a smart little cookie, too.  She walks all over the place, has finally picked up on a couple of the baby signs (bird and dog... random, right?).  I am not as consistent with doing sign language as I'd like to be so that's probably why the two she knows are just random animals that we see in her books all day long.  I'm going to try a lot harder to do it more regularly because it is pretty fun that she knows them.  

She is also SAYING words. With her mouth, not her fingers.  She says ''all done'' which sounds like ''ahh duh'' but it's more and more clear every day.  It's so fun.  She also says ''uh oh'' which is more like ''uh nuuu'' or something like that.  It cracks me up that she gets the ''uh'' right and then the ''oh'' part is just kind of random.  She also attempts to say ''thank you''.  It's the same noise every time she does it when she's repeating us, but if you didn't know that's what we were trying to get her to say I don't know if you'd know it.  Something like ''naan nuu'' :)

She says something that sounds like ''what's that'' allllll the time, but I don't think that's actually what she's saying.

But she's so stinking smart!  It's so cute.  She's always imitated us when we cough or laugh, and she's still at it.  But now that she's moved on to imitating sounds and words, it's awesome.  I also love saying ''Where's...'' such and such and having her point to it.  She's got Dexter down, she can find him anywhere.  She finds her babies, her cups, books, decorations around the house... and sometimes Mommy and Daddy.  Usually she points to daddy but rarely me for some reason.  But when she does it's pretty fun!

She claps alllll the time.  Something she figured out how to do about a month ago.  I had been waiting for the clapping and it finally came.

She claps her hands and stomps her feet when you sing ''If you're happy and you know...''.  Not in the right order or to the tune of the song, but that's ok.  Still hilarious.

She's got one top tooth poked through and the other one on the way, so she will probably have 5 soon.  The top teeth seem to bug her more than the three bottom ones she has but she hasn't been too terribly fussy about them.  Just very very very very chewy. 

I am so excited for her to have her first Thanksgiving, and her almost first Christmas!  She was 8 days old at Christmas last year so this year will be a little more exciting for her :) I'm a little afraid of putting up our Christmas tree on Thursday (!!!!!!!!) because I know she's going to grab everything off of it, but we'll figure it out.

She is just the cutest little thing, and we have so much fun with her.  I love her little personality and how extremely goofy she is.  She really is just so weird... like us... :)  I love it.


As sad as it is that she's growing up, it's also just so so so exciting to watch her learn things.  I can't wait until she's talking more.  It's so cute to hear her little voice. 

I'm ready for her to be one... I guess... I'll accept it at least.  I'm happy to get to have a birthday party for her, but having it one week before Christmas makes it rough... so it will probably be tiny with like 3 people there, but that's ok.  I will have fun.  But OH MY GOSH if she doesn't eat the birthday cake I make for her I am going to be so so sad.  She STILL does not like food! 

 She has started eating more and more crunchy dry foods, but still nothing mushy and it is driving me insane.  I seriously can't believe she hasn't started eating baby food or anything else yet.  Ay yi yi.  Crazy crazy girl.

But how can you stay mad at her, really?  Except for her unfortunate hair situation... She has some sad looking hair most days :)


 She's had months of practice sticking that pointer finger out and ready to say ''I'm one!''.  I think she's taunting me.  She knows I can't take her turning one so she tells me every day that it's going to happen.


Well, twelve months here we come!

 Here's one of Dexter, just for fun :)

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Natalie the Superhero

Yay Halloween!

I had such a hard time thinking of a costume for Natalie for her first Halloween.  I tried to take Michael's opinion into consideration, although he makes it hard sometimes :) He just needs a little boy.  All of his suggestions were boy ideas.  He really really wanted her to be a hobbit, but I just couldn't do it.

So I thought he'd be ok with a superhero.  He was, but he wanted her to be an actual superhero and not a made up one.

But... That just didn't happen :)

This happened instead:

I made her whole costume, except for the shoes... but I did make the wings and the elastic laces :)

Super hero shoes.

This was really the only part of the costume that was at all time consuming and very tedious.  But it turned out pretty good I think.  

She was a good sport about the cape once I velcroed it in the back so it didn't rest on her neck.  She didn't like that.  

We took TONS of pictures last night and lost them all.  I threw a nice big fit about it, don't worry.  All of these pictures are from last week when we went to a costume party... They'll do.  But seriously, the ones last night?  Adorable.  Sad stuff.

She made such a good super hero!  And I am so happy that now she gets to wear those shoes every day!  She hasn't worn them out at all except for when she's been dressed up. But now the wings are off, so they're free for normal use.

Happy Halloween a day late!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I can't believe it's November.  I am really tempted to drag out Christmas decorations already.  Ah.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Ten Months

10 Months Old!  Craziness!

The fact that in 2 months she is going to be having her first birthday is absolutely insane to me.  But, I can't wait to decorate for her party!!! :) Don't think I haven't been planning it for like 6 months already...

Let's get this out of the way and say that Month 9 could have been a lot more enjoyable for us all.  I tend to be a little (a lot) dramatic, so it wasn't as bad as I try to make it sound, but... 

1.) She has developed a bit of an attitude that I really want to say she didn't get from me, but we all know she did.
2.) She had a cold that lasted a week and a half that made us all miserable. That girl hates nasal aspirators with a passion, and had to have her nose sucked multiple times a day every day for about 9 days.  So much fun.
3.) And she was majorly constipated for about a week and I had to give her suppositories. Yeah. 

However, she is still SUPER happy most of the time, and just as adorable and goofy and hilarious as ever.  

But, she knows what she wants and what she doesn't want and she is not afraid to throw a hissy fit about it.  They are very short lived, but oh my goodness they are frustrating :)

She makes more ''talking'' noises now rather than just babble sounds and it's so cute.  There were a couple of times yesterday where it sounded like she was saying real words and I got a little glimpse of what her voice will sound like when she's talking :) It was adorable.

She will poke anything/everything that is within her reach.  And she'll just point at whatever she can't get her hands on.  That pointer finger is extended all. day. long.

Also, she is walking all over the place.

She started walking just after 9 months, and she's a freaking pro already.  She just walks everywhere.  Even if she falls down, she rarely chooses to crawl to where she was going, she gets back up and keeps going.  So cute.

She's been sleeping perfectly all month though, so yay for that too!  She sleeps about 11 hours, and it's amazing.

She loves books and will read the same one over and over and over.  She is starting to love baby dolls and is in LOVE with her teddy bear.  I swear I have never seen anything cuter than that girl with her bear.  

Still not a great eater, but we're getting there!  I can sneak one or two spoons of baby food in at a time, but she is starting to like a lot more finger foods.  Not many fruits and vegetables though, which is sad... Some day we will get her eating lots of food, I'm determined.

 She gets more and more fun every single day. 

 She really does make me laugh constantly.  She is so stinking goofy, it's ridiculous.

Can't wait to see what else she'll learn to do this month!