Monday, May 31, 2010

Free Paint

Hey hey.

Go to tomorrow through the 7th to get free paint samples from Glidden.

I got some free paint from them a while back too (a quart of it!), which has yet to be used, and I love them for it. Free things = Awesome.

I got this really cute little wooden drawer thing from my mom this weekend that could use a good paint job, so as long as I can decide on what color to get... that's what the paint will be used for.

I'm leaning towards Peacock Blue right now. It's such a tough decision though!

You get two testers for yourself, and two to give to a friend! I may or may not be super selfish and keep them all for myself. We'll see...

Check out the color palette for yourself.

I like Bold Sangria now too. If I knew what I was going to do with this thing after it was painted it would be so much easier to decide. But of course I have no idea where to put it.

Maybe I'll put up a picture of it another day when I am not so lazy.

I wonder if you get to pick 4 different colors... I am excited!

Anywho... I'm going to try to order my paint tomorrow when I wake up, just to get it over with and to make sure they don't run out!

Woo hoo!

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Newly tattooed and Flower cupcakes

I finally got the tattoo I have been wanting... Unfortunately I have really fat feet and it is nearly impossible to get a cute picture of my tattoo without my feet looking ginormous. But I like it a lot despite the ugliness of my poor feet.

I have been in the baking mood all week.

I made 2 pans of disappearing marshmallow bars earlier this week, and tonight I made a bunch of cupcakes. Michael took one pan of the bars to work, and... we ate the other one. By ourselves. In less than 24 hours. We're pigs.

But they are so so so good.

Anyways, I had an excuse to make the cupcakes tonight.

Well, sort of anyways. I am taking them to work... I always like taking treats for the kids.

I made 15 big ones, and 24 little ones. The little ones are the share with the room next door as well, and the big ones might become a bribe/prize for a coloring contest we're going to do tomorrow. Should be interesting.

Anywho, they turned out cute even though the flowers I made are a little crappy. I like that they aren't perfect though. They are kind of doodle-y, even though that's not a word I think it's a good way to describe them.

I didn't frost the cupcakes very well... on purpose... I knew you wouldn't really see them and I think they look kind of cute all swirly like that.

Here are the backs of the flowers... I just used candy melts and drew them out on wax paper.

And here is a finished one... that one end got broken off of... and was therefore immediately eaten by me.

The whole group. Pretty cute, huh?

I like them. And I think the kids will too... the girls at least :) The boys will probably think they are too tough to eat cupcakes with flowers on them.

A few leftovers.

I wish I could stay home and bake things all day. My flowers would probably look much better if that were the case.

It's a good thing we got our treadmill today because I ate a little too much frosting during this project. Gross.

Saturday, May 1, 2010

I love Saturdays.

Soooo. We went to Menards today in search of succulents and peanuts, but unfortunately left empty handed. So we tried Home Depot instead and found the CUTEST cactuses... cacti... whatever, and a few succulents.

It took me forever to decide what to get. The succulents they had weren't as tempting to me as the completely adorable cactus selection. Most of them there had really pretty flowers growing out of them, but I couldn't decide if those flowers would constantly be there, or if they would die eventually and them rebloom. So I decided not to get one of those, because I knew I would've been really sad if/when those flowers went away.

So I got this one instead:
How cute is that?!

It came in that fun little pot, too. I love the colors!

I also got this little guy that I wasn't charged for for some reason.

And I did pick out a succulent... these all came together in one pot, but I tried realllly hard to gently break them apart from each other so I could plant them in separate pots. I hope I didn't kill them by doing that. We'll find out I guess...

I enjoy them quite a bit. I hope they don't die...

So, the GPS case I made is kind of falling apart. The zipper is fraying and it's driving me nuts, so I need to sew it back up. It's not too impressive in general, but here it is:

Zune case:

Oh, and just for fun, here is our awesome new lamp in our bedroom. I love it.